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Art Spring Cleaning

I finally made time to go through the monstrosity that took over my closet (that was once for my clothes). Each box contained unopened artist proofs from various shows/galleries from 2012. I need to make room if I want to create new art, so here are the last remaining copies that I have been selfishly hoarding.

Please note, the prices reflect the extremely limited quantities I have in my possession. This is it folks! The rest are sold out and selling for much more on ebay (if you can find them).

The sale starts Friday, March 22nd at 12:00pm EST on my SHOPippo.

Ok, here’s what I found.

FFOX Standard

Fantastic Mr. Fox: Standard (AP)
Only 5 available • $60


Fantastic Mr. Fox: NYCC Exclusive (AP)
Only 5 available • $80

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown: Standard (AP)
14 available • $60

GP Variant

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown: Variant (AP)
9 available • $100

Hair-Raising Hare

“Hair-Raising Hare” (AP)
Only 4 available • $60

Zoot: Saxophone (AP)
Only 3 available • $150

Floyd: Bass (AP)
Only 3 available • $150

Janice: Guitar (AP)
Only 3 available • $150

Dr. Teeth: Keyboards (AP)
Only 3 available • $200

Electric Mayhem: Complete Set of 5 (AP’s)
Only 3 sets available • $850

Applied Arts AACE Award

Last Thursday evening, Applied Arts held their first annual AACE Awards in Toronto. I was nominated (and won!) the Illustration category for my Muppets Electric Mayhem series.

The AACE Awards will highlight the very best of the best in each discipline. All entries will be judged as usual by our panels of experienced professionals, with the winners beautifully reproduced in the various Applied Arts Awards Annuals. But at the same time, the judges will vote on the overall winner of each program. Their scores will be discreetly tabulated and kept under wraps until the gala AACE Awards Ceremony.

Applied Arts AACE Venue

The event was held at the beautiful venue of Artscape Wychwood Barns, which was neatly decorated with all the winning entries from all six of their 2012 Awards: Photography & Illustration, Design, Advertising, Interactive and Student.

I was able to snap a few crappy pics. See below.

AACE Finalists

I didn’t realize I was a finalist until I showed up at the event; I thought everyone that was published throughout the year was a nominee!? So needless to say, I was both shocked and honored to win. Thanks Applied Arts!

AACE Award

BTW, Along a Long Road by Frank Viva is beautiful. I own it myself. If you haven’t seen this awesome book, check it out.

Pigs In Space

I designed this poster for fun last year and forgot about it – I was never 100% satisfied with it. I thought I’d get around to fixing it but that never happened. So here it is anyway.

Who doesn’t love Pigs In Space??? Click any image to view it larger.

Communication Arts 53

I’m honoured to be included in this year’s illustration annual of Communication Arts 53.

Since they were only judging the illustration, the type was removed from the posters. I thought it looked strange at first, but it’s been kind of growing on me…

Muppet Autographs

I got my posters signed by all the Muppeteers – Bill Barretta, Matt Vogel, David Rudman, Eric Jacobson & Dave Goelz. Wow! A special thanks to Matt for making this happen.

Dr. Teeth: Bill Barretta

Floyd: Matt Vogel

Janice: David Rudman

Animal: Eric Jacobson

Zoot: Dave Goelz

Muppet Posters: End Result

What better way to end the year then to devote my final post of 2011 to the Electric Mayhem. This was by far my greatest accomplishment of the year. It’s opened up a lot of doors, including a few art shows which I will be participating in at Gallery 1988 in L.A.

For those who missed this Muppet saga unfold, below is a Coles Notes version (or you can read the original post).

In anticipation of the new Muppets movie, I created a series of 70′s inspired vintage concert posters for each member of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem.

When word of them spread around the Internet (BuzzfeedDWLQuipsologiesFFFFound, and more) they caught the eyes of Acme Archives, official licensee for original art for Disney. With minor changes, Acme sold and distributed each limited edition screen print (250x) on their website.

Here are some pictures of the final posters (Dr. Teeth is missing because I rolled my copies up in poster tubes).

Floyd: Bass

Janice: Guitar

Zoot: Sax

Animal: Drums

Thanks again for your support and best wishes for 2012. Happy New Year!

Muppet Posters: Update #3

Jan 2012 Update: Posters are now sold out.

Nov. 2011 Original Post: As I mentioned on Twitter, there were some minor tweaks to the poster designs. Overall, I’m very pleased with the end result: bright, bold and simple. You can see the original posters here. The new changes included:

  1. New size
    Traditional poster size of 18″ x 24″ to make sure  it would fit in a standard size frame.
  2. Removal of page folds and ‘offset inks’
    This was a mutual decision. The inconsistent white spaces have been fixed.
  3. Date change
    Wednesday, March 19th, 1975 is the original air date of the Muppets pilot as well as the first time we are introduced to the Electric Mayhem. (August 17th, 1981 was my birthday)
  4. Animals face
    His eyes were too far apart and his nose was too big. What was I thinking? He looked cross eyed!
  5. Bolder colours
    Colour palette is stronger and more consistent.
  6. Cleaner lines
    The lines are cleaner and more crisp.
  7.  © Disney. All rights reserved.
    Officially licensed by Disney!

Acme will be releasing each poster weekly. The times are still unannounced, though Dr. Teeth went on sale approximately 3pm EST. Here are the dates:

Dr. Teeth: Tuesday, November 22nd
Zoot: Tuesday, November 29th
Janice: Tuesday, December 6th
Floyd: Tuesday, December 6th
Animal: Tuesday, December 13th

Dr. Teeth: Keyboards

Janice: Guitar

Floyd: Bass

Zoot: Sax

Animal: Drums