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Happy Birthday MJ!

My Cat & Starbucks

Meet Abby. My one-year-old Himalayan. Her favorite toy? Starbucks stir sticks. She’s absolutely obsessed. Take a look at a few shots I got playing with her this morning.

Toy Collection 2

I bought a few more cutlery dividers to create another mini balcony. The new space allowed me to unpack most of my vintage toys which include: Star Wars, Muppets, Roger Rabbit and Kellog’s figurines.

Toy Collection 1

My toy collection is slowly growing, so I’ve been searching for new ways of displaying them within my toy cabinet. My agreement with Shaun is that I can do whatever I want within our display cabinet, but no toys outside of it. Fair enough. Our place isn’t that big. So, in order to get the best use of the limited space, I created a mini balcony for the smaller toys. I glued three cutlery dividers together to form steps. Take a look at the end result.

(Yes, our cutlery drawer has since been an unorganized mess…)