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Toy Collection 4

Buff Monster Ice Cream Flavorways by Mindstyle
Pecan Pals by Noferin
Gorillaz by Kidrobot
Kogepan by San-X
Abby my cat

Toy Collection 3

Astro Boy


Chika Mint by Junko Mizuno
Astro Boy (from Tokyo, Japan)
MTV Canada ‘Fauna’ Collection by Nathan Jurevicius
Kidrobot El Robo Loco by Tristan Eaton
Gloomy Bear by Mori Chack
Mario & Toad by BanPresto
Wicket W. Warrick by Kenner
Cookies by She Likes Cute
Can of Popeye’s Spinach

Muppet Posters: Update

Update: Great news! Posters are now officially licensed by Disney and available to purchase via Acme Archives!

Original Post: First and foremost, thanks again for all the buzz! This project was so much fun; I had no idea it would get such a response.

My original intention was to print a very limited run of each poster. However, due to the overwhelming (and amazing) response I have gotten, I have been advised to refrain from putting them up for sale. I’m sorry to disappoint. The last thing I want is to run into any legality issues with Disney.

Read original post here.

Retro Muppet Concert Posters

March 2012 Update: Posters are now sold out.

Oct. 2011 Update: Great news! Posters are now officially licensed by Disney and available to purchase via Acme Archives!

Sept. 2011 Original Post: I love the Muppets. And with the movie coming out in the next couple of months, there is no better time for a fun little side project involving the best band ever conceived: Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem.

My idea was simple; create a vintage concert poster for each band member (Dr. Teeth, Janice, Sgt. Floyd Pepper, Zoot and Animal). Using clean, crisp vectors, negative space and few colours, I wanted to keep them as simple and stylized as possible; reminiscent of retro posters from back in the day.

Please note, my designs are not licensed by Disney. It is merely a fan creation as a homage for my love of the Muppets.

A huge thank you for all the emails, comments and tweets I’ve been getting in response to my designs; including one from actual Dr. Teeth Muppet performer, Bill Baretta and the gang from Sesame Street!

Dr. Teeth
Dr. Teeth: Lead Vocals Keyboards
Janice: Guitar
Sgt. Floyd Pepper: Bass
Zoot: Saxophone
Animal: Drums

Vanity: Big P Preparty

I had a few friends over before heading out to Big Primpin. After a drink or two we got the camera out; it’s been a while since I had a photoshoot with my besties. They’re a bit over exposed but still shareworthy. Take a look at a few selects of Kiwi, Chris, Awo & myself.







Mikey & Awo


Chris & Kiwi & Mikey