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My Steve Martin Tribute

I’ve been a fan of Steve Martin for years, so I was honored to be a part of his upcoming tribute show, Excuuuuuse Meeeeeeeee, at Gallery 1988.

Besides his films, three things stand out to me the most about Steve:

  1. His iconic premature white hair.
    Apparently, he started going gray in his late 20′s, which makes him the original silver fox.
  2. He hasn’t aged in 40 years.
    Right? He looks exactly the same ever since I can remember. (Refer to #1)
  3. He has a million job titles.
    I mean, really. Is there anything Steve can’t do!?

Scroll down to see actual photographs. Danny Askar, same person who printed my Shit Golden Girls Say piece, did an outstanding job.

The Original Silver Fox
Classics Never Get Old
No Big Deal
No Big Deal Variant

No Big Deal 2

Photographs of Metallic Silver

Each 2 colour screen print (black & metallic silver) is 9″x12″ and will be sold for $30 US each on G1988‘s site starting Saturday, June 9th. As soon as I get copies for myself, I will post them for sale on my site as well (along with all of my other artwork).

Excuuuuuse Meeeeeeeee opens up Friday, June 8th from 7-10pm at Gallery 1988 Venice.
214 pier Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Happy Birthday, Nata!

The incredibly talented, Natalia Grosner, is one of my best friends. Tomorrow marks her 30th birthday; which reminds me of two things:

1. We met in our late teens. What the shit?! We’re getting old.
2. Time is ticking, girl. We need more time, trips and photos together (before we start looking our age).

I wanted to dedicate this post to the crazy shenanigans we’ve gotten ourselves into over the last 12 years. Highlights include: our short-lived brand of women’s thongs, MN Studio, the beginning (and end) of our acting careers, Tragic Fridays, the birth of Nega Nata, and countless more inside jokes that won’t mean a thing to randos.

I love you, Nata! To many more years of still acting like teenagers. Happy 30th Birthday!