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Muppet Posters: Update #2

March 2012 Update: Posters are now sold out.

Oct. 2012 Original Post: Great news! Acme Archives (official licensee for original art for Disney, Star Wars, 20th Century Fox, and more) is interested in printing my posters. This is what Chris from Acme Archives had to say on my previous post:

Stay tuned all, help will be arriving soon…clear some wall space (I know I will be doing so myself)!

Check back very soon for further updates. And once again, thank you for all the buzz. Exciting! Read original post here.

26 comments on “Muppet Posters: Update #2

  1. Ben Whitworth on said:

    GREAT NEWS. Would be fab if they can be bought/downloaded (esp in the UK- hint hint!!)

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  3. Illustractiongallery on said:

    Fabulous news Michael. Please let me know asap as I’d like to buy many copies straight away
    you can contact me at daniel@illustractiongallery.com
    Thank you as well as I i had many visits to my site www.illustractiongallery.com referred by your site
    Much appreciated

  4. If I was ever gonna buy band posters, this would be it! So very cool, I love them. Hope it all works out for prints

  5. Therese on said:

    Great news! :)

  6. Sandra on said:

    amazing news mikey…i’m so proud of you! does this mean we’ll be seeing them in stores, etc?
    i knew you before you were famous, so…
    haha! love you so much! xo

  7. Stacey on said:

    Very cool! I buy a lot of posters (vintage and new), and these are some of the best designs I’ve seen in ages. Great work!

  8. metalchick666 on said:

    That’s so awesome. I would love these posters for my house.

  9. Oooh! Hit me up when they get released! I have a wall aching for them to be displayed!

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  11. Fantastic! Cannot wait to get these!

  12. Laurie D. on said:

    LOVE! Can’t wait to order a set.

    I’m not on Twitter, can’t seem to follow you on Facebook, is your page private? No link to “like” your page.

  13. I love these posters and will buy the set as soon as they go on sale, cannot wait. Simply amazing. Congrats on getting the contract signed.

    I don’t know if you have a mailing list, but throw me on it if it will let me know when they go up for sale!

    (I’ve already added you to twitter)

  14. timo hanley on said:

    Hey Michael,
    I just checked back today and read the great news!
    I’d like to reaffirm my interest in getting a set or 2 of these prints.
    Please let me know when they are available.

    Thanks & congrats on the recognition.


  15. Alex Lyman on said:

    Any word on if the posters will be printed?
    I also really hope you go through with a Lips poster, he’s my favorite Muppet for some reason and all he’s ever got was one toy that I can;t even afford! Let me know!!

    • Michael De Pippo on said:

      Thanks, Alex. Sorry for the delayed response. All the files are with Acme Archives so printing should happen soon. I’ll keep you posted. I’ll see what I can do about Lips. You’re not the only person that has asked!

  16. Alex Lyman on said:

    alexshermanlyman@yahoo.com (Best of luck with any and all of your other projects as well)

  17. Emmanuel MARIN on said:

    Hello Michael !
    we ‘re very interesting of your works , muppet concert , and we hope to have a set of your posters in our bookstore in france ( Marseille ).
    Thanks to mail me if it’s possible !


  18. Joe the Wizard on said:

    These are awesome. How will we know when they are available? I would like to give you my money.

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  21. Alena Fraser on said:

    Just read about these hopefully they will be available in Canada, can you please add me to your email list when they come out. The posters are brilliant, congratulations!

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