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Remember we were ‘Members’?

I was looking through old photos and came across these gems – Virgin Mobile’s 2009 “Members Get” campaign by Juniper Park. I got to be a ‘model’ for a day with my dear friend Tiyana Grulovic. In fact, my friends dominated this project. The photoshoot included mainsies Metzti Bryan and Desire Kaniki, the ads were designed by Ryan Teixiera, and Andrew Chisholm came up with the overall idea. This was his concept:

We cast a bunch of friends through Facebook, and invited them all to hang out in a large empty room on a cold Monday night. It was photographed by The Cobrasnake to create a genuine atmosphere with our very target demographic interacting with one another in a natural setting. The result was a true glimpse of what life would be like behind the proverbial velvet rope.

Check out the tv spot that aired during the MMVA’s.

The best part of it all? I got free Starbucks for a couple weeks when my barista recognized me as ‘that guy with the red bow tie’.

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