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Happy Birthday, Nata!

The incredibly talented, Natalia Grosner, is one of my best friends. Tomorrow marks her 30th birthday; which reminds me of two things:

1. We met in our late teens. What the shit?! We’re getting old.
2. Time is ticking, girl. We need more time, trips and photos together (before we start looking our age).

I wanted to dedicate this post to the crazy shenanigans we’ve gotten ourselves into over the last 12 years. Highlights include: our short-lived brand of women’s thongs, MN Studio, the beginning (and end) of our acting careers, Tragic Fridays, the birth of Nega Nata, and countless more inside jokes that won’t mean a thing to randos.

I love you, Nata! To many more years of still acting like teenagers. Happy 30th Birthday!

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