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Love at First Flight (1 of 3)

March 9th, 2013. The day I married Shaun was the best day of my life. Honestly, I can’t put into words how perfect everything turned out. It was incredible.

Although, I can’t say the planning happened overnight; there was a lot of work involved. But come on, what designer wouldn’t love branding their own event!? I thought I would share our overall vision, including all the fun designy projects we made to create a unique, memorable and affordable event.

We had just a little over two months to bring everything together; invitations, decor, venue, attire, entertainment, food; the list goes on and on. Neither one of us planned such a big event before, so we were more than intimidated of how and where to get started. From the get-go, about all we knew was that we wanted to keep it small and intimate.

I have to give serious props to our close friends, Muqu, Preeti, Ryan and Tyler. We were lucky to have a wedding party that all helped tremendously in different ways. As well as dozens of other friends & family members we tapped in to for help along the way. They all made it possible to make all my dumb ideas come to life.

Overall Theme

True story: five years ago, Shaun and I met at Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ) on Christmas Eve. This is an excerpt from our invitations:

Unlike most love at first sight tales, ours began at an airport one Xmas eve. We each were traveling alone, set to see our families. We shared a few glances. An introduction. Then somewhere between poor weather conditions, fate and a cancelled flight, we found ourselves seated side-by-side as the plane took off. And that’s how we plan to stay.

Thus, the perfect theme was born: Love at First Flight.


Unfortunately, because time wasn’t on our side, there was no save the date. We just sent an email to our guests that said, well, just that. It was fast and it was cheap. Why do it any other way? Instead, I designed the invitations into two pieces and sent them out together; a postcard and an airline ticket.

Both the postcard and ticket were packaged together in an A4 kraft paper envelope.

On the front of the postcard, I drew Shaun and I when we met at the airport. On the back, was an introduction to our story (excerpted above).

As an ode to my collectible poster designs, the silkscreened postcards acted as mini limited edition art pieces; both hand numbered and signed.

Postcard Specs:
Colours: 3/1
Paper: 100% cotton 245gsm Wheat
Qty: 90
Printed by: Kid Icarus

We wanted the evening to come across as laid back, natural and unrehearsed. The copy on the ticket reflected just that; from the suggested start time, “7:30-8:00 pm ‘ISH’”, to the cheeky footnotes reminding guests not to bring randos. A true reflection of our quirky relationship.

Ticket Specs:
Colours: 1/0
Paper: 35 Pt. Chipboard
Qty: 90
Printed by: Lunar Caustic Press


The MVD>SSR graphic; our initials made into airport codes; ended up becoming the logo for the event crossing all platforms/materials.

Next up: Venue, (e)Motion Sickness Bags, Food & Decorations.

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28 comments on “Love at First Flight (1 of 3)

  1. Andrea Emery on said:

    Oh my goodness Mikey! I am sitting here in my office mid day CRYING, pouring over the photos, reading all the wonderful planning and creative bits and am just so grateful that you shared it all with us! Looks like it was amazing and a great send off for both of you. What a memorable event… Congratulations again, and thank you so much for sharing! x

  2. Gregory on said:

    wow, very cool…feel like I know you chaps: Our wedding was a simple affair, 2003, Toronto City Hall…we all just got the right to marry…

    Congrats and heres to Life, Long and Love.

  3. C Chiu on said:

    I am so moved and am going to pin the hell out of this wedding. You are amazing! Do you brand weddings for other people?? total calling in life!

    • mikey on said:

      Thank you so much! We definitely had a lot of fun with it.

      I’ve only designed for one other wedding; I’m actually planning on posting pictures from that soon!

  4. Sheilagh MacKenzie on said:

    your wedding pics are beautiful and amazing, so creative and fun. I am so happy for you both . It looks from the pictures to have been a truly loving and joyous event with wonderful friends and family. Thank you for sharing them.

  5. M DeVito on said:

    MVD and SSR : It’s thanks to MAB that I ended up on this sight, and could definitely have used an (e)motion sickness bag – because this account of your wedding day preparations and big day itself was almost too stinkin’ cute to maintain composure while reading through! Congratulations to you both! May your marriage be the symbolic beginning of your ‘happily ever after’ together! xoxo

  6. Robbie on said:

    Amazing! Totally love the design and decor.

  7. Sylvia on said:

    JAW DROPPING b-e-a-utiful!! It’s this that makes me want to tear away from the more lavish event in my mind for my future wedding to a more down to earth event such as this. I LOVE the theme.. I hope this page doesn’t disappear EVER because I NEED to keep this for inspiration.. like 7 years from now! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Happy Lives together <3

  8. Susan on said:

    Michael, what a beautiful day and a gorgeous wedding! What a great Monday morning inspiration! Thank you for including us in the celebrations, we were honoured to have been part of it all. Congratulations to you and Shaun and thank you for sharing.

    Susan and the Daniel et Daniel Team

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  10. George M Melby, Pastor/Chaplain (Ret.) on said:

    Absolutely stupendous work of art. I wish you both many, many, MANY years of happiness and joy! Blessings, Peace and Tranquility!!!
    George M!

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  12. How very creative and lovely. Our very best to both of you and for a long life together.

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  17. J.D. Humphreys on said:

    Been following your work for quite some time. I had to leave a reply to this one. Congrats, this is absolutely beautiful. It’s incredible when you take your design/creative skills and apply it to your most personal moments and events. An off-the-shelf wedding kit just wouldn’t do. Congrats, Michael and Shaun! And great work!

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  19. Mikey! This is all too much.. love everything you did here. Such an awesome concept. :)

    Wishing you both everything + more.

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