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Retro Muppet Concert Posters

March 2012 Update: Posters are now sold out.

Oct. 2011 Update: Great news! Posters are now officially licensed by Disney and available to purchase via Acme Archives!

Sept. 2011 Original Post: I love the Muppets. And with the movie coming out in the next couple of months, there is no better time for a fun little side project involving the best band ever conceived: Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem.

My idea was simple; create a vintage concert poster for each band member (Dr. Teeth, Janice, Sgt. Floyd Pepper, Zoot and Animal). Using clean, crisp vectors, negative space and few colours, I wanted to keep them as simple and stylized as possible; reminiscent of retro posters from back in the day.

Please note, my designs are not licensed by Disney. It is merely a fan creation as a homage for my love of the Muppets.

A huge thank you for all the emails, comments and tweets I’ve been getting in response to my designs; including one from actual Dr. Teeth Muppet performer, Bill Baretta and the gang from Sesame Street!

Dr. Teeth
Dr. Teeth: Lead Vocals Keyboards
Janice: Guitar
Sgt. Floyd Pepper: Bass
Zoot: Saxophone
Animal: Drums

173 comments on “Retro Muppet Concert Posters

  1. Justin Giles on said:

    These are AMAZING!!! I love the muppets espically the electric mayhem. I would love to get a set of these posters. Any chance you might sell them? If so let me know I’d definatley want a set. Great work

  2. Stevie Nicholl on said:

    Great work! Did you think about including Lips?

  3. If you’re gonna do Etsy… print them as posters. I would totally buy a set. They are so well done!

  4. AMAZING! I would totally love to buy the entire set. So very well done!

  5. This is actually next level amazing.

  6. If you (hopefully) do posters, they could have the “cut-out/puzzle link” like the KISS solo albums from 1978. That would be amazing!

  7. Bill Barretta on said:

    Hi Michael,
    These are simply fabulous! I have one small suggestion. Since a theme for the characters seems to be what instrument they play, it would seem only right to put keyboards, instead of lead vocals for Dr. Teeth.
    I’ve been performing Dr. Teeth for quite some time now and I can tell you that his hands and the detail of which he plays are extremely important. It is a time honored tradition that Steve Whitmire goes to great lengths to make Dr. Teeths keyboard playing spot on.

    Just my two cents and again, beautiful, beautiful work!!!
    Bill Barretta

  8. yes! please, please do these as posters or prints. I can think of dozens of people who would love to own them.

  9. Nick Moreau on said:

    Holey wow! I don’t know which is more amazing, these beautiful posters, or that you got a compliment from the Bill Barretta!

  10. Brad Hall on said:

    Incredible, really digging the type. Would you be willing to divulge what faces you used?

  11. Steven B on said:

    I see these hanging in my future office. Please let us know when the prints go on sale!

  12. Please may I have one of each :)

  13. anitabot on said:

    I would buy a set of posters
    Pls link when they are up!

  14. Please email me when you’ve got these for sale!!!!

  15. I hope you make posters AND postcards. I love these and definitely want a set, but my apartment’s too small for posters! A framed collection of postcards though, Yes please!

  16. I want a set of these posters! please email me if you print them.

  17. Awesome job! No doubt I’d love an e-mail the second the posters are available!

  18. these are genius! I’ll buy them when you put ‘em on Etsy!

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  21. Lindsay. on said:

    These. Are. Phenomenal. Following you now so I can order a set. I’m in awe. Great work!

  22. I need the whole set of posters – these are stunning. GORGEOUS.

  23. Ragan Kellams on said:

    These are amazing! If you print these as posters, I would love a set. I am getting ready to decorate the nursery for my first child and I think these would make an awesome theme!! Please let me know if you ever do!

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  25. Absolutely brilliant.
    Without question, I would purchase the entire set.
    Please notify me when available.

  26. El Guapo on said:

    Nice. Any chance of a group poster?
    Let me know if they become available for sale.

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  31. These are fantastic. Cant wait to pick them up!

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  33. Posters, yes please! (I want all of them:)

  34. Mr_Steve on said:

    Love the nice clean retro look. How are you handling the licensing issue since The Muppets are owned by Disney? Do you have an arrangement with Disney, or a derivative work like this exempt form normal copyright issues? I only ask because I just recently watched the doc RIP: A Remix Manifesto, which showed how protective Disney is of its properties and was wondering how you were handling that. Thanks, and keep up the great work.

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  37. Richard Scalzo on said:

    Awesome work! It’s great to read that you will be printing them. My question is: how? They seem to have that good old screen printing look and feel. Is it even possible you would do these as all spot color only instead of 4/C process?

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  40. Hey… I am not a twitterer but would LOVE to buy these when you list them on Etsy.. any chance you could shoot me an email to let me know when they are up? Cheers

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  42. put me down for a set, these will be a great addition to my wife’s room full of Muppet memorabilia. It’s no exaggeration, it’s an entire freaking room…and I love it!

  43. Have to have these for my 4 yo grand daughter!

  44. Gorgeous work!

    I would actually like them as a set of post cards (or smaller posters, like under 9′x12′) as I have very little wall space left. What size were you posters were you thinking of printing? And are you open to printing various sizes?

  45. Noah Brier on said:

    Love these so much. Would definitely buy a poster if you made one. :)

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  48. I love love love the minimalist design, “bad” color registration and folds. Please let me know when these are available!

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  50. Beautiful work!

    You should submit to our contest at welovefine.com. We have an official Muppets contest going on. Showed this art to our friends at Disney, they think its great also, I know a lot of people there who would love to get any of these designs as shirts.

    If your selling on Etsy, does that mean you have a Disney license?

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  53. These would be great on coloured t shirts that match the main colours. Would snap up a Floyd. Plus where’s Ralph?

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  60. These are AMAZING! Will you still be offering them as a postcard collection? I can’t wait to purchase!!!

  61. Anne Stumpe on said:

    Would also love to be notified when these are released! They are gorgeous. Thanks!

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  66. dawnjalina on said:

    OMG! I need…want…must have. Those are great

  67. Great looking posters, but not what I’d want in my game room — even Animal.

    But do the same thing with Mahna Mahna, and I’m in for one.

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  70. John Johnson on said:

    Holy cow man! I’ve been a Muppets fan since I was 3. I love these prints. I am very big into collecting original artists work when they are just outstanding and these my good sir….are simply exquisite. Cudos on the nod from the man himself. (I’m sure you Jim would have liked them too!) Can’t wait to own them. I will be following your twitter for sure. Regards!

  71. These posters are amazing! I am a huge Muppets fan, and especially love the old school Electric Mayhem. Would love to have a copy of all the posters, please email me when they are for sale.

    Great vision and talent went towrds these posters, awesome job!

  72. Traci Morrison on said:

    great work!! the muppet movie is definatly something to be excited about. i am going to check you out on etsy!

  73. Wow. A must own for my music room. Following on Twitter now and anticipating an announce date for purchase!!!!

  74. Michael Gaylotd on said:

    Love this work! Add me to the growing list of people who would like a set of these! If you could shoot me an email I’d gladly get a set! Great Talent!

  75. The animal one kills me! Great idea, perfectly executed

  76. I think they would be great on notecards, too!

  77. The “folds” are really distracting and unnecessary. Otherwise, it’s really good design.

  78. I’m the hugest muppet fan and the electric mayhem are my favorite. I totally would love a set of these posters but dont have twitter. Would love if you would email me when they go on sale!!! Thanks for the amazing work

  79. LOVE these! Saw them on Pinterest and just wanted to let you know how fab they are. :)

  80. How do I buy these?

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  82. Ben Balistreri on said:

    Absolutely amazing! I love these!

  83. These are so incredible… the design is flawless. I know my sister would love to showcase these in her music classroom. and I would also like to own all of them. “i want to go to there”

  84. Hi,
    I love them!! Great work!
    If you decide to print posters, would you pleeeease update me so I can buy a set?

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  86. mister x on said:


  87. Hey! Very cool (here via toughpigs). What font did you use for the character names?

  88. Herr Gilke on said:


  89. as soon as you sell, Im ready to buy Janice

  90. I would LOVE to get a set of postcards or mini-posters to get framed!
    this is going to look lovely in my office. please keep us informed!!

  91. You have to sell these! They’re terrific. Do it for the good of muppet-lovers and fans of good design everywhere!

  92. Aaaaaaawesome.

  93. PS. love Zoot’s composition – his yellow nose just sets it off…. sooooo good!!!!!

  94. Karl Cox on said:


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  96. Danielle on said:

    Genius. ‘Nuff said.

    If you ever do an OSHA spoof poster with Beaker and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, I’m in for those too.

  97. I don’t want the Animal-Poster, I NEED IT!!!!!

  98. Illustractiongallery on said:

    Hi Michael
    just came across the Muppet posters and I wanted to tell you how impressed I am
    They are so well designed (loved the retro feel and the folds)
    That is exactly the kind of artwork I sell on my online gallery: ILLUSTRACTION Gallery which I just launched two months ago
    Check it out when you have time: www.illustractiongallery.com
    would love to do business with you
    Hats off to a true creator and artist

  99. Awesome man. Nice one ;)

  100. Michael De Pippo on said:

    Hi all. Thank you all so very much! I apologize for such a delayed response about poster details. Please read this for an update: http://michaeldepippo.com/?p=1003

  101. well, i know you’re not selling these…but like everyone else i’d buy. stunningly great work! thanks!

  102. Amazing work. Amazing.

    I would love to stick one in my sons room and another in my daughters room.

    Are you doing prints?

    Either way; congratulations – keep up the good work.

    Jon from Australia

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  108. Nancy Stevenson on said:

    Love, love, love your Muppet poster design! Everyone at Sesame Street is looking at them and talking about um. We all want posters for our walls.
    Director, Character Design
    Sesame Workshop

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  110. Lissette Carrera on said:

    This is truly amazing work! I’ve always loved the Muppets and can’t wait for the movie to come out!

  111. Looks like you are having an exciting September! If you start a petition to Disney, I will totally sign it and when they let you print the (AWESOME!!!) posters, I will totally buy them.

    ATTN: Disney
    You would be fools not to license these incredible posters.

    PS – Linked up via Pinterest.

    • Michael De Pippo on said:

      A petition, huh? That might not be a bad idea. Thanks for the support!

      • timo hanley on said:

        Im another one of the many that totally dig these and would live to own a set.
        Great idea – and stylistically very well done.
        Please add me to the petition or ‘heads up’ list once you pull the trigger and they become available.

        Big thanks!
        Keep it on!

  112. So, maybe instead of selling them, you should give the files away so we can all enjoy them. If you dig the idea, and there’s anything I can do to make it happen, just let me know.

    I’m going to go through your other work now and see if there are other prints that I want. You are a talented man, DePippo.

  113. I saw these on Pinterest, and they are so fantastic! If I could somehow get them for my boyfriend (who is a huge Muppet fan), I would be the best girlfriend ever.

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  115. Animaigirl on said:

    Super nice designs, definately made me smile :)
    Ty for sharing…I will always love the Muppets and all of Jim Hensons work.

  116. John Bernstein on said:

    These are beautiful. Congratulations. I would LOVE to get a couple… or a set. Or a high res file and I can print my own. AWESOME job.


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  120. Michael De Pippo on said:

    Hi all. Read the good news in the latest update here!

  121. I’m a mega Henson Fan. I love these posters. I hope I can get me a set for my place. Excellent concept.

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  123. Put me on the waiting list!

    They’d make great postcards / greetings cards too. And t-shirts. And mugs. And … etc!

    Great stuff. However … my fave is missing … ROWLF!

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    Please keep me inform if they are ever produced for sale.

    BRAVO !!!

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  132. soso love!

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  137. Brilliant – I’d love to buy the series to frame for the kids playroom.

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  141. Luis Andre on said:

    Great Job!! I’m very happy to see these types of works get recognition. You very much deserve it.

    I also wanted to ask where you got your poster texture from? I hope you don’t mind sharing. Thank you! Keep up the great work!

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  144. Stephanie on said:

    Love these please do tell if you sell!!!!! Want a set!

  145. Oralia Racette on said:

    Totally awesome.

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  150. Melissa on said:

    Are you thinking of rereleasing these? They are fabulous and I would love a set!

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